Group Fund-Raising 
Raise money for your organization.

In Spanish and in French, the name Marvella means miracle. Our team has been working small miracles for many years by sharing ideas and products with those in need from around the globe. We offer a variety of desirable products at good prices without compromise on quality or safety. 

A better way to raise funds.

Campaign Management And Assessment

Key deliverables we review and measure include: campaign timetable and pacing; campaign leadership assessment; organizational structure and recruitment; prospect identification, cultivation, and participation; volunteer and staff training; product delivery; and eFundraising strategies.

mmiracles has refined methodologies that enable our clients to uncover their particular path to successful fund-raising.

Financial audits that evaluate the strategies and data

We audit fundraising campaigns to: measure the effectiveness of the overall fund-raiser including the fund-raising goals and targets; evaluate established metrics and results; identify untapped potential within the fund-raiser that could benefit the organization in the future and prospective buyer pools; review the leadership performance and results; and uncover unrealized potential for a current or future campaign.

Our audits include a review and recommendations for changes to improve the framework for subsequent campaigns.

Training that complements skills, and builds competencies

A knowledgeable and skilled team of professional staff is critical for success in every fund-raiser program. We provide an extensive range of training and development services that are grounded in best practices and tailored to the particular needs of the organization. We work with staff to build internal effectiveness resulting in ab overall team effectiveness in facilitating the operational excellence.