Group Fund-Raising 
Raise money for your organization.

In Spanish and in French, the name Marvella means miracle. Our team has been working small miracles for many years by sharing ideas and products with those in need from around the globe. We offer a variety of desirable products at good prices without compromise on quality or safety. 

A better way to raise funds.


mmiracles is a great place to turn to raise funds. We are a place to go to rally a community around and build support for your financial goals. Collectively, our members have over 100 years setting and achieving financial goals.

Whether you are raising money for the girl scouts, a school trip, or your alumni association, can help you achieve your financial goals both on a short-term and a long-term basis. Our structure is poised to designed you deliver financial results.

If you are the treasurer responsible for fund-raising, you can partner with to maximize your organization’s fund-raising capabilities. Through we establish an on-line store with attractive pricing. You funnel shoppers to the on-line store to receive a share of the gross proceeds from every sale. This enables you to raise badly needed funds while helping others gain access to attractive pricing.

Through our system you can track purchases made by shoppers you direct to the site. We have direct access to records that allows you to independently verify purchases.

We also speak to results. We achieve ours (and yours) results through integrity and a disciplined approach that gives you the peace of mind to recommend shoppers for the on-line store. The best way to familiarize yourself with is to personally participate in the shopping experience yourself.