Group Fund-Raising 
Raise money for your organization.

In Spanish and in French, the name Marvella means miracle. Our team has been working small miracles for many years by sharing ideas and products with those in need from around the globe. We offer a variety of desirable products at good prices without compromise on quality or safety. 

A better way to raise funds.

What We Can Do – Together

We provide a personalized on-line shopping network to help your volunteers organize and achieve results. Your customers can also access the site to find out more about your cause and financial goals. We get you up and running in a short amount of time and a safe and engaging environment for your on-line shoppers. At we do the heavy lifting needed to open your on-line store.

     A Better Way


We work with you to understand your fundraising objectives and the resources available to you to achieve your goals. We develop a product mix that is designed to help you achieve your fundraising goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Founded On Principles


There are many ways to raise funds.  You have many choices. At, we are your representative.  We treat your family and friends with the same respect, honesty and integrity as you would.  We take our values seriously and diligently apply them in the way we do business.